CUNY Graduate Center English Student Association sponsored a conference on "Trance" held at the grad center:

I gave a talk about Patterns of Trance Across the Tree of Life (slides), thinking about the biological underpinnings of trance and how these operate across a broad range of biological life.

Word of the day: apotropaic
Runner up: Propitiate

Other talks that resonated with me:

LeiLani D. Dowell (English, CUNY Graduate Center), “The Hypnotic Effects of ‘Homophobia’”

Seth Auster-Rosen (Asian Religions, Yale Divinity School), “Narasimha: Masking and Possession on the Cosmic Stage”

Alexis Larsson (English, CUNY Graduate Center), “Filmic Trance in the Environmental Baroque”

Gwendolyn Shaw (Art History, CUNY Graduate Center), “Vodou Iconography in the Work of Maya Deren”

Good quotes:
"For the moment, what we attend to is reality"
"Art and creativity are communal acts"
"Whats the other side of the conversation with nature?"
"Beyond the magic"
"If it's not the imagination it's not working"