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SSH Tunneling (HPC + iPython notebook + Chromebook)

Documenting more for the sake of posterity than for the lack of other documentation available on the internet, also all the docs for ssh tunneling i saw were confusing, so here's a non-confusing version. I have a chromebook and i'm also an avid iPython notebook user. I have notebook set up on remote...

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Population genetic summary statistics

Work in progress (any suggestions for mods are welcome) So you have rad-seq data and now you want to generate some "simple" summary statistics. Here are some options with pluses and minuses. My biased assumptions dictate requirements (in order of importance): must work for RAD-Seq style data (SNPs)...

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Trance Conference Quotes and Highlights

CUNY Graduate Center English Student Association sponsored a conference on "Trance" held at the grad center: I gave a talk about Patterns of Trance Across the Tree of Life (slides), thinking about the biological underpinnings of trance...

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New York Area Population Genomics Workshop

First of hopefully many NY Area Population Genomics Workshops held today at the New York Genome Center. Tons of great talks across a wide domain of disciplines. Truly an intellectual shopping spree. Long day of great talks, one simple post can't capture the diversity of subjects and approaches, but...

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Zachary's Karate Club

From: An Information Flow Model for Conflict and Fission in Small Groups (Zachary 1977). An object lesson in following the gardenpath to see where it leads. Santa Fe Institute sent out their occasional news letter today, featuring a bunch of interesting work from all over the disciplinary map. One...

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